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Greene County Schools

Board Policy / Procedures & Request Forms

Board Policy

Folder Procedures (199 Files)
pdf file 1.103 Exhibit A - Procedure and Timeline Board Self-Evaluation
pdf file 1.103 Exhibit B-Board Member Self-Evaluation
pdf file 1.103 Exhibit C-School Board Self-Assessment
pdf file 1.1061 Exhibit A-Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement
pdf file 1.107 Exhibit A-Conflict of Interest Statement
pdf file 1.404 Exhibit A-Request to Appear before the Greene County Board of Education
pdf file 1.407 Exhibit A - Schedule of Reasonable Charges for Copies of Public Records
pdf file 1.407 Exhibit B-Inspection/Duplication of Records Request Form
pdf file 1.407 Exhibit C - Records Production Letter
pdf file 1.407 Exhibit D - Notice of Aggregation of Multiple Requestors
pdf file 1.407 Exhibit E-Procedure and Timeline Records Request
pdf file 1.502 Exhibit A-Board Meeting Video Recording Guidelines
pdf file 1.600 Exhibit A-Policy Review Schedule
pdf file 1.802 Exhibit A-Request for Section 504 Due Process Hearing
pdf file 1.803 Exhibit A-Consequences for Tobacco Use
pdf file 1.803 Exhibit B-Violation of Youth Access to Tobacco Act
pdf file 1.806 Exhibit A - Guidelines for Distribution of Materials in the Schools
pdf file 1.806 Exhibit B - Notification of Distribution of Materials to Students
doc file 1.808 Exhibit A - Rights and Responsibilities of Registered Sex Offenders
doc file 1.808 Exhibit B - Contract with Parent/Legal Guardian Registered Sex Offender
doc file 2.400 Exhibit A - Request for Waiver of School Fees
pdf file 2.403 Exhibit A-Surplus Disposal
pdf file 2.404 Exhibit A-Agreement Between Greene County Schools and School Support Oranizations
pdf file 2.404 Exhibit B - Procedures for School Support Organizations
pdf file 2.404 Exhibit C - Support Organization Annual Financial Report
pdf file 2.404 Exhibit D - Support Organization Financial Review and Inspection
pdf file 2.404 Exhibit E - Support Organization Annual Information Form
pdf file 2.702 Exhibit A - Greene County Schools Inventory Sheet
pdf file 2.704 Exhibit A - Fixed Assets
pdf file 2.804 Exhibit A-Travel Procedure
pdf file 2.804 Exhibit B-Claim Form for Official Travel Within County
pdf file 2.804 Exhibit C-Authorization for Official Travel
pdf file 2.804 Exhibit D-Claim for Travel Expenses
pdf file 2.805 Exhibit A-Procurement Process
pdf file 2.805 Exhibit B-Procurement Processes
pdf file 2.8051 Exhibit A-Greene County Schools Purchasing Card Agreement
doc file 2.808 Exhibit A - Disqualified Contractors and Subcontractors Procedures
pdf file 2.809 Exhibit A-Vendor Registration Agreement
pdf file 3.2001 Exhibit A - Energy Guidelines
pdf file 3.202 Emergency Drill Log
pdf file 3.206 Exhibit A-Request For Use of School Building
pdf file 3.300 Exhibit A-Personal Appliance Fee Schedule
pdf file 3.302 Exhibit A - Data Management Procedures
doc file 3.401 Exhibit A - Pre-K Transportation
pdf file 3.401 Exhibit B-PreK Application for Transportation
xls file 3.401 Exhibit C- Pre-K Passenger Log
doc file 3.401 Exhibit D - Pre-K Transportation Training Verification
pdf file 3.402 Exhibit A-Adult Field Trip Release Form
pdf file 3.402 Exhibit B-Athletic Field Trip Report 2 26 2015
pdf file 3.402 Exhibit C-Board Owned Vehicles Assigned to Positions
pdf file 3.404 Exhibit A - Request for Use of Private Vehicles for School Purposes
pdf file 3.500 Exhibit A - Competitive Food Policy
pdf file 3.500 Exhibit B - Offer Versus Serve Procedure
pdf file 3.500 Exhibit C-Nutrition Charge Policy
pdf file 4.201 Exhibit A-Class Size
doc file 4.201 Exhibit B - Student Placement and FAPE
doc file 4.201 Exhibit C - Lifetime Wellness
pdf file 4.206 Exhibit A-Homebound Parent Information Letter
pdf file 4.206 Exhibit B-Homebound Health Care Professional Letter
pdf file 4.206 Exhibit C-Request for Homebound Instruction Program Services and Guidelines
pdf file 4.206 Exhibit D-Request for Homebound Instruction Program Services Medical Form
pdf file 4.206 Exhibit E-Request for Homebound Instruction Program Services Mental Health Form
pdf file 4.207 Exhibit A - Home Language Survey
pdf file 4.209 Exhibit A-Credit Recovery Procedures
pdf file 4.209 Exhibit B-Credit Recovery Application
pdf file 4.209 Exhibit C-Choices (Diploma Option) Referral Form
pdf file 4.209 Exhibit D-Choices (Credit Option) Referral Form
pdf file 4.301 Exhibit A - Middle School Athletics
pdf file 4.3011 Exhibit A - Permission to Participate in Athletic Events Operated by School Support or Community Organizations
pdf file 4.3011 Exhibit B - Team Roster: Community Sponsored Athletic Programs
pdf file 4.3011 Exhibit C - Booster Club Basketball
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit A-1 Pre-Approved Field Trips
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit A-2-Trip Request Form
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit A-3-Field Trip Details
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit A-Field Trip Procedures
doc file 4.302 Exhibit B-1 - Parental Permission for Field Trip
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit B-2 Parental Permission for Off Campus Activities
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit B-Trip Guidelines
pdf file 4.401 Exhibit A - Textbook Inventory Procedures
pdf file 4.401 Exhibit B-Textbook Inventory
pdf file 4.401 Exhibit C-End of Year Textbook Inventory
pdf file 4.403 Exhibit A - Library Bill of Rights for School Library Media Center Programs
pdf file 4.403 Exhibit B - Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
pdf file 4.403 Exhibit C - Checklist for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
pdf file 4.406 Exhibit A-Student Technology Acceptable Use Procedure (AUP)
pdf file 4.406 Exhibit B-Employee Technology Acceptable Use Procedure
pdf file 4.501 Exhibit A-School Volunteers
doc file 4.502 Exhibit A - Parent -Family Involvement Guidelines
pdf file 4.600 Exhibit A-Grading System
pdf file 4.600 Exhibit B-Homework
pdf file 4.601 Exhibit A - Interim Student Report
pdf file 4.601 Exhibit B - High School Interim Student Report
pdf file 4.603 Exhibit A - Retention Guidelines/Procedures
pdf file 4.603 Exhibit B - Third Grade Retention Guidelines/Procedures
pdf file 4.603 Exhibit C - Notification of Retention
pdf file 4.603 Exhibit D - Notification of Grade Retention
pdf file 4.701 Exhibit A - TN Testing Code of Ethics
pdf file 4.801 Exhibit A - Request for Exemption from Required Use of Book, Materials, or Participation in an Activity
pdf file 4.802 Exhibit A-Limited Public Forum Application
pdf file 5.101 Exhibit A-Lines of Authority
pdf file 5.106 Exhibit A - Employee Acknowledgement Form
doc file 5.106 Exhibit B - Administrative Employment Procedures
pdf file 5.106 Exhibit C - Employment Hiring Procedures
pdf file 5.106 Exhibit C-1 - In-System Transfer Application
pdf file 5.106 Exhibit D - Experience Verification Guidelines for Certified Employees
pdf file 5.106 Exhibit E - Verification of Teaching Experience
pdf file 5.109 Exhibit A - Evaluation Grievance Procedure
pdf file 5.109 Exhibit B - Evaluation Grievance Form - Step I
pdf file 5.109 Exhibit B-1 - Evaulation Grievance Form - Step II
pdf file 5.109 Exhibit B-2 - Evaulation Grievance Form - Step III
pdf file 5.110 Exhibit A - Pre-Approval for Advanced Degrees Above Masters
pdf file 5.110 Exhibit B - Advanced Degree Intent Form
pdf file 5.1141 Exhibit A-Teacher Effect Data Procedure
pdf file 5.200 Exhibit A - Employment Exit Information (Tenured)
pdf file 5.201 Exhibit A - Employment Exit Information (Non-Tenured)
pdf file 5.202 Exhibit A - Employment Exit Information (Non-Certified)
pdf file 5.304 Exhibit A - Request for Leave of Absence
pdf file 5.304 Exhibit B - Procedure for Staff Members Who Have Exhausted Sick Leave Days
pdf file 5.304 Exhibit C - Sick Leave Bank Physician's Statement
pdf file 5.304 Exhibit C-2 - Sick Leave Bank Request Form
pdf file 5.304 Exhibit D - Extended Leave of Absence Request Form
pdf file 5.403 Exhibit A-Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees
pdf file 5.403 Exhibit B-Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 Form
pdf file 5.501 Exhibit A-Grievance Statement
pdf file 5.600 Exhibit A-Employee Code of Dress
pdf file 5.602 Exhibit A - Steps for Monitoring Excessive Absences for Certified Employees
pdf file 5.602 Exhibit B - Teacher Absence Conference Record
pdf file 5.602 Exhibit C-Overtime Compensatory Time Record
pdf file 5.611 Exhibit A - Code of Ethics of the Tennessee Education Association
pdf file 5.701 Exhibit A - Substitute Teachers
doc file 6 4031-Exhibit A Procedure for Notification of Head Lice and Readmission to School Following Head Lice Infestation 8 27 15
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit A-High School Attendance
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit B-K-8th Grade Attendance
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit C - Pre-K Student Dismissal Procedures
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit D - Pre-K Documentation of Student Dismissal Procedures
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit E-School Attendance Review Meeting Report
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit F-Truancy Board Attendance Contract
doc file 6.200 Exhibit G-Permission to Participate in Release Time Course
pdf file 6.200 Exhibit H-Attendance Intervention Procedures
doc file 6.201 Exhibit A - PreK Selection Criteria
pdf file 6.201 Exhibit B-Kindergarten Enrollment of Underage Children
pdf file 6.201 Exhibit C - Parent Request for Kindergarten Enrollment of Underage Child
pdf file 6.203 Exhibit A - Information Registration Card
pdf file 6.207 Exhibit B-Withdrawal Form
pdf file 6.208 Exhibit A - Student Sign In/Out Sheet
pdf file 6.304 Exhibit A- Bullying
pdf file 6.3071 Exhibit A-Student Alcohol and Drug Testing
pdf file 6.3071 Exhibit B-Drug and Alcohol Screening Guidelines
pdf file 6.308 Exhibit A-Bus Disciplinary Report
pdf file 6.308 Exhibit B-Rules of Bus Behavior
pdf file 6.309 Exhibit A-Guidelines for Zero Tolerance Offenses
pdf file 6.310 Exhibit A-Student Dress Code
pdf file 6.311 Exhibit A-Report of Illegal Entry, Theft, Vandalism
pdf file 6.313 Exhibit A-Classroom Discipline Summary Sheet
pdf file 6.313 Exhibit B-Discipline Form
pdf file 6.314 Exhibit A - Discipline Report for Corporal Punishment
pdf file 6.314 Exhibit B - Request for Alternative Discipline
pdf file 6.316 Exhibit A-Extended Classroom Placement Guidelines
pdf file 6.316 Exhibit B-Extended Classroom Behavior Contract
pdf file 6.316 Exhibit C-Log for Extended Classroom Personnel
pdf file 6.316 Exhibit D-Extended Classroom Placement Form
pdf file 6.317 Exhibit A - Disciplinary Hearing Authority
pdf file 6.317 Exhibit B - Notification of Discipline Appeal
pdf file 6.319 Exhibit A-Guidelines for Ten Days Assignment to Academic/Behavior Improvement Center (A/BIC)
pdf file 6.319 Exhibit B - Manifestation Determination
doc file 6.400 Exhibit A - Career Guidance
doc file 6.400 Exhibit B - Greene County Career Development Plan
pdf file 6.4001 Exhibit A-Request to Conduct Survey/Research in Greene County Schools.
pdf file 6.402 Exhibit A-Certificate of Immunization
pdf file 6.402 Exhibit B-Religious Exemption from Vaccinations
pdf file 6.402 Exhibit C-Pre-K Student Health History
pdf file 6.4031 Exhibit A Procedure for Notification of Head Lice and Readmission to School Following Head Lice Infestation 8 27 15
pdf file 6.4031 Exhibit B-Evidence of Head Lice
pdf file 6.4031 Exhibit C-Chronic Head Lice Letter
pdf file 6.405 Exhibit A-Letter To Parent Regarding Medication at School
pdf file 6.405 Exhibit B-Permission for Medication
doc file 6.405 Exhibit C - Medication Receipt Record
pdf file 6.405 Exhibit D-Short Term-As Needed Medication Record
pdf file 6.405 Exhibit E-Long Term Medication Record
pdf file 6.4081 Exhibit A - Safe Relocation of Students
pdf file 6.409 Exhibit A - Child Abuse and Neglect Procedure
pdf file 6.410 Exhibit A-Report of Accidents and Injuries
pdf file 6.411 Exhibit A-Student Staff Wellness Policy Procedures
pdf file 6.413 Exhibit A-Concussion Information and Signature Form for Coaches
pdf file 6.413-Exhibit B Concussion Information and Signature Form for Student Athletes & Parents/Legal Guardians 8 27 15
pdf file 6.414 Exhibit A-Sudden Cardiac Arrest Information and Signature Form for Coaches
pdf file 6.500 Exhibit A - Restraint and Isolation
pdf file 6.5001 Exhibit A-Restraint and Isolation
pdf file 6.5001 Exhibit B-Report of Isolation and Restraint
pdf file 6.5001 Exhibit C-CPM Usage Data Sheet
pdf file 6.503 Exhibit A-McKinney-Vento Act Student Residency Form
pdf file 6.600 Exhibit A-Record Release Authorization Form
pdf file 6.600 Exhibit B-Record of Inspection-Transcript Request
pdf file 6.600 Exhibit C-Consent for Disclosure of Student Records
pdf file 6.601 Exhibit A - Release of Directory Information
pdf file 6.601 Exhibit B-Consent for Release of Directory Information
pdf file 6.601 Exhibit C-Student Roster of No Release
pdf file 6.602 Exhibit A - Request for Student Record Correction
pdf file 6.701 Exhibit A - Fundraising Guidelines
Folder Agenda Request / Field Trip Request & Appear Before the Board Request (4 Files)
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit A-2 Trip Request Form
pdf file 4.302 Exhibit B - Trip Guidelines
doc file BOARD AGENDA ITEM REQUEST FORM-COVER PAGE. *For items to be considered on the agenda, they must be received in the director of schools' office by the 12th of the month. (Policy 1.403)
pdf file REQUEST TO APPEAR BEFORE THE BOARD-Requests to address the Board must be made and approved a week prior to the Board meeting.(Procedure Form 1.404 Exhibit A)
Folder School System (5 Files)
doc file TCSPP 2007
doc file TCSPP 2008
doc file TCSPP 2009
doc file TCSPP 2009
doc file TCSPP 2010 Action Plans
Folder TSIP (1 Files)
doc file Rubric
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